Memory Disease - Alzheimer's Books

A Gradual Disappearance

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Dr. Sameh Elsanadi, MD Geriatric Psychiatrist: “Dementia is like a maze. Its victims get lost in the labyrinth of their own minds, bringing confusion and despair to themselves and to others around them. Families watch helplessly as their loved ones drift further and further away from reality, and when decisions are made, emotions often get in the way of what is really necessary…One of the main steps toward accepting and dealing with this disease, I have found, is to realize that other individuals and families are under the same burden. Elizabeth has provided a great service to the dementia and Alzheimer's community by writing about her family's experience with the disease. Knowledge and information are two of the most helpful tools to aid one in coping with Alzheimer's and dementia, and with the assistance of A Gradual Disappearance, managing this disease will become much easier.”

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The Dangers of Denial


Jeffery Anderson, feature writer for A Place for Mom
In The Dangers of Denial, Elizabeth Lonseth’s straight talk about dementia caregiving will help families to see the reality of their situation and their loved one’s condition, while at the same time providing them the tools and information they need to cope.
Lonseth has a powerful, compassionate and informal voice that easily connects with fellow caregivers. Her experience helping to care for her in-laws and her own parents during their autumn years has provided her a wealth of knowledge from which to draw, and her caregiving parables are a testament to the teaching power of the narrative form.
Lonseth demonstrates skill crystallizing broad and difficult topics to their core, conveying essential information while simultaneously respecting the scarce time of the caregivers who are her readers.
I would recommend The Dangers of Denial to any new dementia caregiver. 

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Christian Fiction - The Johansen Family Saga

Leave It With Him - Book One


     Fifteen-year-old Luke Johansen thinks nothing could be better than the life he has growing up on and around the waters of the San Juan Islands in western Washington. 

However, as he begins high school, things aren’t turning out exactly the way he thought they would. Luke suddenly faces the reality of his parents’ divorce and his mom’s cancer. He and his younger brother are forced to leave their island home and move in with their father. Luke feels overwhelmed by his circumstances and the decisions he must make. Will Luke leave the tests and difficulties he’s facing in the Lord’s hands, or will he try to handle things his way? 

Luke’s story reveals the greatness of God’s grace and faithfulness, not only to one young man, but to all those around him. 

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Cares Of This World - Book Two


Luke Johansen and Bobbi West are recent high school graduates who have inherited the Boston Harbor Marina from Charlie Swain. They are facing many new responsibilities and must make important life-changing decisions as they determine how to manage the legacy Charlie has left behind, prepare to head off to college, and enter the next chapter of their lives.

What direction will their relationship take? Will it be strictly a business partnership or will a commitment to the marina also lead to a commitment of love? What part will God and His Word play in their lives as they grow up through the challenges of life? Moving into the “grown up” world of responsibilities, career decisions and facing all the cares of normal life will challenge them both to trust God and each other in a commitment to doing His will.

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Anchor For Your Soul - Book Three


Luke Johansen has made a career change. One that he firmly believes is the Lord’s will for his life. He has gone back to school for his fourth degree and graduated top of his class. Everyone in his graduating field have jobs except him. He and his family are in limbo for three long months, waiting for direction. Friends allow them to live on their boat at Shilshole Marina in Seattle. Luke’s faith is challenged as he waits for the Lord. When an opportunity does come it means moving away from the Pacific Northwest? Will God’s provision take them new territory or will they settle back at home on Orcas Island?

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Reader Reviews


Leave It With Him

"This book offers every emotion possible. It lends clarity to the beauty God has created for us both emotionally and geographically. It shows blessings of not only life, but of friends, family, and the Lord Jesus.
It offers accurate history of Puget sound and surrounding areas as well as one of the oldest mainstays of industry and occupation. It holds good continuity and content both fictional and factual. There is much action, suspense, heartache, and the joy life has to offer when all are in harmony.

I am excited to read more works of this aspiring new author in the future ! !"
Teri J. Bodette

Cares Of This World

“In Elizabeth Lonseth’s  Leave it to Him, we became acquainted with Luke and Bobbi, two special young people who see in each other the light of faith and the deep desire to live lives of purity and integrity.
They fall in love and when we meet them again in Cares of this World, they are business partners and eventually they become life partners as well.   But when their relationship is threatened, they must rediscover the spiritual bond that first united them.  Through Luke and Bobbi’s struggles and triumphs, the reader is reminded that true and lasting love is possible when a relationship is based on forgiveness, mutual respect, and trust in God.”
Carla Caldwell

Waterways of the Pacific NW


The Johansen Family Saga is set on and around the waterways of the Pacific NW. Specifically the San Juan Island of Orcas and the southern part of Puget Sound. 

Starting out in the late 1960's, the series alway revolves back to the water. Both of the main characters find solace on the water while maintaining a healthy respect for the power of God's creation.


Anchor For Your Soul

"Well worth the wait! It was great to pick up the story of Luke and Bobbi again. They are a little older and now we get to see them with kids of their own! Of course there is the typical life stuff in this story, something many of us relate to easily, but tragedy strikes the family and keeps you on edge to see how it will all turn out! Will they loose faith in God or grow even closer? Great summer read!"

           Meredith Ellis