Presentations and Bio


Memory Disease:


• Awareness of the Disease, Current Stats on Alzheimer’s 

• Summary of my journey with my in-laws and my own parents. 

•Sundowners, Strange Behavior, and Acting Out

•Coming Alongside and Entering Their World 

•Types of Care
•The Importance of Making Time for Yourself 


•Embracing the Disease - Who is in Denial, the Patient or Family Member? 

•Types of Denial - Denying the Disease, Level of Care Needed, Rate of Decline 

•Defining Possible Dangers: overdosing, auto and home accidents, running away, financial loss, elder neglect or abuse, increasing family conflict, and increased patient agitation 

•Survival tips for the Family Caregiver


•A shortened version of my story, combining important points from both presentations listed above. 

Christian Topics:

The Fruit of the Spirit - A three part presentation which looks at the Fruit of The Spirit as shown forth in the lives of women, both today and in the Bible. The first hour presentation explains how fruit is produced in our lives.
Psalms of Refreshment - This two part presentation explores Psalm 45, 23 and 27. Three Psalms that uplift and support our souls.



About Elizabeth:

Born in Iowa in the 1950’s, Elizabeth grew up surrounded by a loving and supportive family.  Her father was a forest geneticist who taught and did research at Iowa State University. Her mother was a clothes designer, dress maker and housewife. Not unlike Luke, the main character of her first book, Leave It With Him, Elizabeth moved to the beautiful and lush Olympia, Washington area during her childhood. Living on the water, she developed a love for God’s awesome creation. At age 16, she came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Her salvation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ changed her life from a painfully shy bookworm to a more out-going and confident teenager. She moved forward to college, marriage, motherhood, and a career in interior design.

Elizabeth earned her Interior Design degree from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. It was there she met her husband, Stan, who has pursued his career in Architecture.  Elizabeth has been active in the interior design field as owner of her own business.

With the backdrop of the luscious green forests, sparkling blue water, and majestic mountain peaks of the Pacific Northwest, Elizabeth and Stan raised their three daughters. Church, boating, skiing, swimming, walking, family outings and extended trips became the focus of their lives.  It was during their family times together that Elizabeth and Stan taught their daughters principles from God’s Word. These principles often took the form of stories their daughters could relate to in order to help them understand life and how to deal with peer pressure, temptations, and romantic interests from a divine point-of-view.