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Memory Care Support Booklets

Driven by the desire to help others struggling with a loved one suffering from memory disease, author Elizabeth Lonseth, has used her parent’s and in-laws personal stories to help orient and guide families affected by this disease. A Gradual Disappearance is an introduction and support booklet for caregivers and family members. The Dangers of Denial will hopefully break down barriers that prevent good care for our seniors suffering with memory disease.
Elizabeth also provides a forty minute presentation with a question and answer period afterwards that often turns into a support group. To find out more or schedule a presentation go to "About Elizabeth"

Johansen Family Saga

With the goal of showing dynamic Christians putting their faith into action, this family saga is strongly character-driven. Each action packed novel has a strong spiritual message with multi-threaded storylines. Set on the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, this series starts out in the late 1960’s, is historically true to life, and place accurate.

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