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Defeating Denial:

Over the past two years I have been speaking to audiences around the Western United States about memory disease, reaching out to families starting this journey, hoping to alleviate some of the confusion and frustration they are facing. After a forty-minute presentation, I move to the question and answer segment and then I stay afterwards to talk one on one. Individuals share their stories about struggling with a loved one with memory disease with me. Almost every story has the same component — denial.

Sometimes it is the person I am talking to that is showing symptoms of denial, other times it is another family member or spouse that is in denial. Whenever denial exists the danger of not getting proper care for the memory patient also exists.

Why do we deny the existence of Alzheimer’s or dementia in our loved one? Is it because it hurts to face the facts? As human beings we often avoid problems of hurtful situations to protect our emotions. I have done it myself, in regard to the level of care that my mother required, or in the fact that my father had vascular dementia. While helping my husband take care of both his parents with memory disease, I observed his occasional lapse into denial. However, for eight long years he did a marvelous job to attempt to face the situation head on.

Many people have emailed me or told me how much
A Gradual Disappearance has helped them as they have dealt with their loved one with memory disease. For that I am grateful. Over the past six months I have realized that a new booklet is needed. So please think of me and pray for me as I start working on The Dangers of Denial. Please don’t hesitate to email me with information or stories that could be helpful in my research.


Book Reviews

Book Review for Poking Holes In The Darkness

What sacrifices would you be willing to make for Jesus Christ? How about leaving behind your family, friends and the safety and comforts of life in the 20th Century? The author of Poking Holes in the Darkness, Jaki Parlier, did just that. She and her husband, Jim, obeyed God’s call to translate the Bible for the isolated Managalasi people, who live deep in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.

Though Jaki eagerly set out on their journey; was anything on earth farther away from New Jersey than what they were met with when they arrived? Face-to-face with homesickness, primitive living conditions, strange food and above all, people whose language she couldn't understand, she questioned her faith and love for God.

Jaki tells an intriguing story of God’s work among the Managalasi people that is written with love, compassion, a sense of humor and a focus on God.

Poking Holes in the Darkness is both a joyful and tearful account of what Jaki and Jim sacrificed to bring Jesus Christ and His Word to the Managalasi people.  It will challenge you to consider your own faith and what sacrifices you are willing to make for Jesus Christ.

To Purchase Poking Holes In the Darkness write to:

The Bookroom
Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200

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