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The Dangers of Denial 

A Gradual Disappearance 

Johansen Family Saga: Leave It With Him (Book 1)

Johansen Family Saga: Cares Of This World (Book 2)

New Release! 

Anchor For Your Soul: (Book 3 of the Johansen Family Saga)

Luke Johansen has made a career change. One that he firmly believes is the Lord’s will for his life. He has gone back to school for his fourth degree and graduated top of his class. Everyone in his graduating field have jobs except him. He and his family are in limbo for three long months, waiting for direction. Friends allow them to live on their boat at Shilshole Marina in Seattle. Luke’s faith is challenged as he waits for the Lord. When an opportunity does come it means moving away from the Pacific Northwest? Will God’s provision take them new territory or will they settle back at home on Orcas Island?

Coming Soon:
Johansen Family Saga: Book 4

Going back to the late 1890’s, Luke’s Norwegian ancestry is explored. This book tells the story of a young Norwegian man leaving his home in Norway to find a better life in the Pacific Northwest. He settles on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, working as a carpenter. After several years he becomes lonely, and writes his cousin in Norway asking if she knows of any young ladies that might want to marry him. He commences to build a home for his future bride. In Norway, a girl named Gudrun loses her father, leaving her with nothing. Her plight looks hopeless until her friend receives a letter from her cousin in America. This book will focus on Gudrun’s trip of faith.

Johansen Family Saga: Book 5

Bobbi’s grandparents’ unique love story, illustrates the challenges of raising a family during the Great Depression in Humboldt, Iowa. Loosely based on my Christian grandparents’ love story, the main characters have a large age difference. The heroine is twenty when she marries a godly man twenty-five years her senior. As an architect/engineer who owns his own construction company, he is in the process of building her a mansion and they are living in the servants’ quarters above the new carriage house. Three children arrive during the first five years of their marriage. A few years later the Great Depression hits.

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